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Leaders in Effective Team Building

At Catalyst Global, we believe in the power of intelligent game design to positively affect teams' culture with lasting results. With over 30 years of experience, our products are proven and effective.

Our research shows that companies worldwide seek ways to increase employee engagement and motivation. They acknowledge that staff need to adopt well-being strategies and have a daily timeout to be mindful and de-stress. To be successful, they must enhance fundamental teamwork skills like communication, collaboration and creative thinking.

Innovative Product Development

Catalyst Global is the world's leading curator of business games and team-building activities. We create innovative, creative team-building products through extensive research and development. We have a keen interest in current trends in motivational psychology and pay close attention to proven techniques for creating real change in corporations.  We apply this science to the development of our games.

The origins of creative team building

In wilful defiance of commando tasks and alpha male challenges, the Catalyst Global story started with creative team building.  And it is these challenges that have come to be synonymous with people's current concept of team building. Take a look at the Catalyst product innovation timeline below.

Catalyst Global Innovation Timeline

Some of the foundational creative team-building activities that originated with Catalyst include:


Creative means music

Catalyst Global was the first to develop corporate drumming with Beatswork and Street Beat. We pushed the boundaries of possibility with the creation of our two classical music team building exercises, Orchestrate! and Crescendo. And, we were the first to use boomwhackers to energise and invigorate conferences with adrenaline-pumping Boom Time!

Escape the Maze

Technology & Gamification

Over the past 10 years at Catalyst Global, we have been exploring the use of technology in creating team building products. This exploration has led to the creation of a new suite of technology-based team building products. We believe incorporating technology enhances the ease of delivery and user experience and delivers quantifiable and statistical results.  Some leading technology-based team building products include:

  • Peak Performance - Tablet-based Everest expedition team challenge.
  • Go Team - App-based treasure hunt and city explorer games
  • Quickfire - Technology-based mental, physical and creative challenges.
  • The Infinite Loop - VR-based iterative learning team game
  • Synergyk - AI bot-driven minigames
  • Safari - Cooperative Augmented Reality Game


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