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Way back in the early 1980s, we started a small team building company in the UK. At the time, corporate team building was all about commando tasks and alpha male challenges.

We set about to design activities that would be inclusive for all.

Activities that were relevant, effective and had lasting value to teams and businesses. The result was a bunch of creative activities that at the time, challenged the mind and the market. As a result, the phones didn't stop ringing. We established a large, loyal, blue-chip client base, nurtured a unique company culture and became the dominant player in the UK market. To maintain our leading position meant one thing, we had to learn to innovate constantly. We ran events, observed and listened to our clients.

We never stopped pushing the boundaries with our then seemingly wacky ideas.

By the 1990s, we had an extensive portfolio of branded team building products with clearly defined positioning and outcomes. No longer content to just run events in the UK, we set about to attracted the attention of team building suppliers overseas.

We had one motto - Excellence.

Anyone who joined us had to be meticulously trained and understand our ethos. We wanted to create a network of like-minded people who were passionate and committed. And, most importantly, they wanted to have fun along the way.

Despite being choosy - we wanted the best of the best, the network grew, and we got very busy training partners, developing new products, supporting and encouraging. So, we sold the UK operation and have been focusing on the global network. Our team building community is now 50 partners in 90 countries.

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