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Catalyst Team Building Network

The world's largest network of team building providers

The Catalyst Team Building Network is an association of team building providers. With representatives in over 90 countries, speaking more than 50 languages and dialects, it is widely regarded as the voice of the team building industry.  

Network members share resources, best practice and business opportunities. Daily collaboration and sharing mean that Catalyst partners are learning from each other and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in team building. Catalyst network members share a common goal of creating highly relevant, socially responsible, good value experiences for their clients. Value does not necessarily mean the cheapest, but the best with the highest level of positive outcome.

Languages spoken by Catalyst Team Building Network

Why Catalyst for Remote Team Building?

The last few years have seen a slow but steady progression towards more flexible work practises.  To meet this change Catalyst has been developing programs that focus on skills specifically applicable to teams in varied work situations. Global changes at the start of 2020 and the transition to WFH has driven the Catalyst Network to become experts in delivering effective online team building activities. 

  • Multinational corporations appreciate the multi-lingual talent of Catalyst Network facilitators.  They are able to offer the same online team building activity across several regions in multiple languages at the same time. Most recently Catalyst Network members delivered "The Power of Us Challenge" to 1200 participants in English, Turkish and French.
  • We understand the importance of personal data privacy and work to ensure our technology systems and all network members comply with current practices.
  • Catalyst Network members are delivering both large and small events daily.  We are proficient in developing an inclusive atmosphere, motivating and engaging all participants and, ensuring your outcomes are met.  That's why our clients keep coming back for more!

Catalyst Network members collaborate globally and in zones - Americas, Europe, Asia Pac and Africa & Middle East. Members attend a biannual Team Building Industry Conference and regional meetings held at least every other year.

Catalyst Team Building products are sold and delivered exclusively by members of the Catalyst Team Building Network. Network members take part in extensive and ongoing training to ensure that Catalyst products are delivered with the same consistent high standard anywhere in the world. 

"Being part of the Catalyst Network means that we get up each and every day to create and deliver cutting edge and extraordinary corporate team-building experiences for clients around the world. We make sure these are experiences that excite, motivate, unite and truly inspire. We are committed to maximising the morale, engagement and effectiveness of every client that we have the privilege of working with."

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Catalyst Team Building Network has representatives in 90 countries. Meet the network.

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