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At Catalyst Global we believe in the power of intelligent game design to positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results. With over 30 years’ experience, our products are proven and effective.

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Who is Catalyst Global?

Catalyst Global is the world’s leading curator of teambuilding products.
Catalyst Global designs teambuilding products for the world’s leading teambuilding companies.

Learn the story behind our most popular teambuilding products.

Who partners with Catalyst Global?

Catalyst Global unites the world’s top team building businesses. The Catalyst teambuilding network provides a trusting environment to share best practice, collaborate on global initiatives, test ground breaking ideas, and foster lasting connections. Find out how Catalyst Global has helped partners grow their businesses.

Catalyst Malta

“Through our partnership with Catalyst our portfolio of events has more than doubled. Thanks to this we can now win over more clients as we are offering different products, and of higher quality, than our competitors...The support we have found from the Catalyst Team and partners is amazing.”  - Danica Fava, Founding Director, Outdoor Living Malta

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Why partner with Catalyst Global?

Catalyst Global is designed to help you grow your business with new innovative products, launch them to your market faster and reach more customers.

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Get access to Catalyst Global’s portfolio of proven teambuilding activities and business games.

Open new revenue channels
Broaden your customer base with access to our global connections.

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Become a Catalyst Teambuilding expert and have exclusive access to our 24-hour support.

Be the first to market with the latest team building products
Utilise our adaptable product materials and website, video and print marketing resources.

Get unique insights from the Catalyst Teambuilding community
Chat about sales, marketing, delivery and business know-how with like-minded businesses.

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We’re all about building relationships with like-minded people. If you are passionate about the power of teambuilding, we’d love to make Catalyst part of your offering.

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