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Leadership Stories

An intriguing game about leadership.

About this product

Leadership Stories is a structured, gamified, and systematic leadership program for individuals to test and improve their leadership skills.

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'Leadership Stories' is a game about leadership. Participants improve their leadership knowledge and abilities by overcoming various business difficulties, called Leadership Stories. A Game Character is assigned to them at the beginning of the game. They must make the right choice in each story and earn points. They may undertake this journey alongside 'Valerio the brave', 'Clementine the mild and merciful', 'Alessandro the defender of man', 'Dima the vigour of the people', 'Pierre the rock', or 'Carla the strong and mighty'. One of the twelve challenges available as a Leader is the 'urgent turnaround', the 'turnover nightmare', the 'tower of Babel' and the 'wind of change'. Business issues arise one after the other in Leadership Stories, and people must consider both the stated and implied messages, visualise the context, weigh the pros and cons of each situation, and act appropriately. 'The clock is ticking! Are you prepared to play?' People look to you for a favourable outcome and hope for the best.

Learning Outcomes

Individuals will learn how their style influences team climate and outcomes through experimentation in various work-related scenarios. They will understand the importance of selecting the right approach to inspire, engage, and motivate their personnel. Participants will learn to choose the appropriate approach for a situation and identify areas for improvement or further development. 'Leadership Stories' is a game that will appeal to anyone in the corporate world seeking to lead. Participants will gain a 'better notion' of their current level of competency. They will be able to improve their communication, collaboration, active listening, persuasion, and consultation skills due to the discussion and the game's highly interactive nature.