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Catch up on all the latest news from the largest network of team building businesses.

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The Benefits of Team Building to Empower Human Skills

The role of human skills in the workplace In today’s dynamic business environment, the importance of human skills in an organisation cannot be overstated. Human skills, often referred to as…

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The Vital Role of Team Building in Managing Change

Importance of managing change Change management is essential for organisations to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. It involves equipping individuals to embrace, adapt, and utilise change effectively. Global competition…

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Olympics Themed Team Building Activities for Excellence

Team building lessons from the Olympics As the world gears up for the Paris 2024 Olympics, anticipation runs high for the spectacle of athletic prowess and international camaraderie. However, beyond…

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Inclusive Team Building Activities for Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing diversity and inclusion In the ever-evolving modern workplaces, mastering the skill of diversity and inclusion is no longer an option but a strategic imperative for organisations aiming to thrive….

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Team Building to Foster Collaboration

The power of Team-Building for collaboration In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, collaboration has become the cornerstone of success. Working together to generate ideas and solve complex problems towards a…

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Catalyst Network welcomes Guatemala

Catalyst Global is excited to announce the addition of ITRALL to the Catalyst Network, extending Catalyst Team Building products to Guatemala. ITRALL (International Training Alliance) is a leading training and…

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Foster Process Improvement Through Team Building

The strategic power of process improvement and Team-building Efficiency is the heartbeat of any successful organization. It defines how well a process is performing relative to its full potential, impacting…

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Team Building To Reward Team Achievement

Means to rewarding a team In today’s workplaces, acknowledging and celebrating team successes is crucial for positive dynamics. While money motivates, recognizing achievements through other ways is gaining importance. This…

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Dinner Team-Building: The Perfect Occasion for Connecting

Choosing the right team-building activity Selecting the right team-building activity for your annual team-building day can be a challenging task. Should it be a GPS orienteering game through the city,…

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Catalyst Network welcomes Morocco

Catalyst Global is excited to announce the addition of Tendencia Events & Travel to the Catalyst Network, extending Catalyst Team Building products to Morocco. Based in Tangier and Marrakech, Tendencia…

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Catalyst Network Conference IE23

Product Groups – Tuesday¬† Meet the Gens CSI La Hacienda The Green Game Team Torque 1 Maria Carlina Murillo Kingsley Seale Mariya Tsankova Kal Kebede 2 Michal Bohacek Sander Van…

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Catalyst Network welcomes Cyprus

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that Nicosia-based experiential learning and training company, interFRONTIERS have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Cyprus. interFRONTIERS has been actively…

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