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Catch up on all the latest news from the largest network of team building businesses.

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Catalyst Network Conference IE23

Product Groups – Tuesday  Meet the Gens CSI La Hacienda The Green Game Team Torque 1 Maria Carlina Murillo Kingsley Seale Mariya Tsankova Kal Kebede 2 Michal Bohacek Sander Van…

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Catalyst Network welcomes Cyprus

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that Nicosia-based experiential learning and training company, interFRONTIERS have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Cyprus. interFRONTIERS has been actively…

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Catalyst Network welcomes Nigeria

Catalyst Global are excited to announce that Lagos-based team building company, Zannoza Entertainment have joined the Catalyst Network bringing Catalyst Team Building products to Nigeria. Zannoza Entertainment is Africa’s foremost…

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Corporate Culture: What it is and Why it’s Important

What is Corporate Culture?  Corporate Culture is the values, shared beliefs, and practices of an organisation. Does your organisation benefit from a successful corporate culture? A good way of finding…

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Employee Engagement

The state of the workplace in 2023  Gallup’s annual State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report surveyed 68,000 workers in 140 countries and how their lives and careers are going….

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The Power of Corporate Social Responsibility

The end-of-year holiday season has arrived again, and traditionally an increased spirit of giving comes with it. In 2022, with pandemics, natural disasters and war affecting more people around the…

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Plan an End of Year Celebration that Teams will Rave About

An End of Year celebration is an important calendar event for healthy businesses. Office parties are a time to recognise everyone’s contribution to the team and a chance to enjoy…

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What soccer can teach us about team work

2022 is hotting up to be a big year of football! The final of the 13th edition of the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship saw the home team, England, beating…

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Developing Leadership Skills

About Leadership Leadership is a broad concept with a wide variety of definitions and perspectives. Anyone who influences other people’s behaviour towards a certain goal is an active leader. So,…

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Halloween – Celebrating Together

One of the fun things about the Catalyst Network is finding out about the traditions of other countries. Our network of over 50 organisations, each from a different country, connect…

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