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Catalyst Global announces new partner in France

Catalyst Global cements its position as the global leader in the team building industry following a partnership with Toulouse-based Team MPA, one of France’s leaders in team building. Team MPA…

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Angela Lussier

When we speak up, we learn how much we have in common with others. Creating a safe workplace where employees, especially women, feel comfortable speaking up is essential for today’s…

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Chris Schembra

Rich introduces us to Chris Schembra, Founder of the Gratitude Experience – An Attitude for Gratitude, bestselling Author of “Gratitude and Pasta: The Secret Sauce for Human Connection”, and Founding Member…

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Navigating Diversity & Inclusion in the Corporate World

In this episode of the team building podcast, Rich speaks with Coonoor Behal of Mindhatch, and with her are the developers of the White Privilege Black Power Experience, Eva Lewis and Greg…

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Protected: Peak Performance Activity Instructions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Road to Live Events

Reaching all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, your Host Rich talks to Stu Robertson, the Managing Director and Founder of Team Up events. In this episode, Stu talks about what it’s like…

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Behind the Curtain

Join Host Richard Rininsland and his guests: Deborah Brunet, Kevin Pertusiello, Samantha Goldstein, and Paul Giroux as they discuss all aspects of team building events from creation to sales, production to performance….

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Catalyst Spain launches under new management

With the world constrained by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, Alfonso Canales sees opportunity in Spain. Just four years ago, an enthusiastic Alfonso Canales worked under the expert tutelage of Oliver…

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Resilience is the ability to recover and carry on when things don’t go as expected. Whether a setback results from inefficient planning or situations out of our control, learning how…

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Season 1 finale

Join host Rich Rininsland, Producer Melissa Ehlers, and David Yas, our consultant and Founder of Pod617, the Boston Podcast as we reflect on Season 1 of Team Building Around the World….

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