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human skills fun training

Teams venture into the world around them to find ways to explore the meaning of human skills with real life examples.

trust or bust corporate social responsibility

Participants learn trust and rapport building skills in this sophisticated business game themed on airport customs.

diversity and inclusion team building

Competitive and collaborative team building activity where teams generate new ideas, pitch and invest in this fun dragons’ den style game.

online collaborative team building activity

Quickfire Olympics Online is a fun team building activity for remote teams where collaborative decision-making leads to podium placement.

physical team building activity

Quickfire Olympics is a highly engaging team building game of mental, physical & creative challenges.

full house team building negotiation skills game

Full House is a fast paced team building poker game, which demands networking and win-win negotiations.

ibuild online remote team building activity

ibuild Online is an engaging online teambuilding challenge where clear communication and collaboration between remote teams is the key to success.

vr whodonit multiplayer vr teambuilding activity

VR – Whodunit? is a fun, table-top, multiplayer VR experience which challenges teams to communicate effectively to solve a crime.

hands on icebreaker team building activity

Hands on is a really impactful ‘get to know you’ icebreaker that’s guaranteed to break down social barriers and promote a positive mindset for the day ahead.

interactive team building activity

Teams employ educated guesswork and bluff as they venture into the intriguing world of antiques