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Team Torque race track

Team Torque is a creative team building activity – teams complete challenges to obtain model car components, combine them then race to the finish!

In Pyramid Quest AR teams watch an ancient Pyramid build from the middle of their table. They combine skills to crack an ancient Egyptian riddle.

Synchronize your team with this engaging, enjoyable ‘dry’ alternative to the dazzling discipline of Synchronised Swimming.

Escape the Blizzard begins at a team training facility, where teams learn survival skills that can be useful in today’s extreme weather conditions.

Give Backpack is a CSR team building activity in which teams participate in various engaging challenges to fill backpacks for people without housing.

Team Wellbeing is a collaborative team building activity where participants are encouraged to consider their role in team well-being during play and work.

Seconds Away team building

Seconds Away is a fast-paced team board game that tests product knowledge and sharpens sales skills. Teams will easily remember their company’s values, but can they do it in under 15 seconds?

The face-to-face teams work directly together to solve the mystery of Roberto Gonzalez’s death in his Hacienda.

Atmosphere team building

The teams are on a journey to establish a good and healthy atmosphere on Mars. Will they be able to discover the perfect recipe for their new atmosphere?

ibuild festive

Participants are divided into groups and told that their goal is to create a replica without looking at the model. Teams assign roles and develop communication strategies to get the job done.