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Food Truck Challenge

Visualisation to execution!

About this product

A team-building activity that enhances employee collaboration, teamwork, communication skills, and time management.

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Each team is briefed on their food truck's core ingredient, location, type of clientele, and operating hours. Armed with this information, they delve into every aspect of the business: from branding and signature dishes to sides, food presentation, and pricing. Planning begins as teams strategise, brainstorm ideas, and allocate responsibilities. Then, it's all hands on deck as they bring their food truck concept to life. The clock ticks down as teams race to present their signature dish to the Master Chef. Meanwhile, a panel of judges deliberates to crown the best food truck business.

food truck team building challenge
food truck team building challenge


The Food Truck Challenge fosters collaboration among employees, enhancing teamwork, communication skills, and time management. Participants engage in a diverse range of tasks, highlighting the significance of planning and organisation. It empowers individuals to acknowledge their strengths and take ownership of assigned tasks, understanding their pivotal role in achieving collective goals.