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Human Skills

Applying human skills in a real-world environment

About this product

Teams venture into the world around them to find ways to explore the meaning of human skills with real life examples.

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In Human Skills, teams receive GPS enabled iPad that will guide them to several checkpoints. Each team can choose their destination and routes depending on the human skills they would like to explore and the depth of learning they want to realise. Basic, advanced, and expert levels within each skill mean the teams can choose to focus on a skill from beginning to end or look to acquire a wider level of knowledge spread across more skills. The checkpoints require thinking about the human skill in regard to real life situations. They may need to find examples of the skill or think of a creative way they could use the human skill in relation to what the team see around them. All the time, the activity facilitator receives the teams' progression in real time so that they can see what the teams are doing and prepare a meaningful debrief when the participants return at the end.

human skills tablet team building activity
human skills fun training


Teams explore the various human skills contained in the activity, empathy, decision making, trust etc. By leaving the meeting room and looking up and outwards, they gain a much more open minded and creative mindset than looking inwards and down as in many workshop-based activities. Literally the world is their resource to realise. Due to the time constraints in addition to exploring the actual skills, the team must decide how they want to focus their attention, whether they hope to specialise in a couple of skills or gain a broader but less developed understanding of all the human skills. A challenge for managers in their daily business.