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Flat Out Formula 1

A Formula 1 racing car is constructed from a flat pack kit.

About this product

Teams build a life-size Formula 1 racing car from a flat pack kit and then decorate them to compete in Flat Out Formula 1!

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Formula 1 teams build and decorate a racing car from flat pack parts in a limited period of time in Flat Out – Formula 1 Teams. The cars are lined up at the start line for the Grand Prix. Once the vehicles are built, they are decorated to stand out on the track. The checkered flag signals the start of the race, and the cars are off and running as one team member pushes them down the track. The top three teams are then awarded in a spectacular ceremony.


The construction must proceed according to plan and on time, and cross-functional cooperation must be ensured. It is a demanding job that demands the involvement of all team members to be successful. Teams use their imaginative and artistic skills to personalize their F1 vehicle. Because the outcome of the last race will depend on pit changes that are too tight, teams practise enhancing the procedure. The final competition evokes fierce competition between teams because of the final race's intense competitiveness.