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Beat the Box

Unlock a series of boxes to discover the code

About this product

A metal box must be unlocked by teams completing escape room challenges.

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A mysterious video message kicks off Beat the Box. Each team receives a metal box filled with locked cases with mysteries to be solved. As the clock ticks away the minutes, teams scramble to crack the codes and solve the puzzles to move from case to case. After deciphering a code, teams must enter it into an electronic combination lock before the time runs out. Can your team Beat the Box?


Collaborative problem-solving and creative solutions are critical to success in Beat the Box. Teams combine their diverse talents to negotiate problems and devise imaginative solutions. The pressure is high, and at times groups will doubt their capacity to win, but a cool head, a logical approach, and self-confidence will succeed. Teams learn to work well and efficiently in limited time constraints throughout the activity. In the last stages of the game, teams must cooperate to uncover the correct code as part of a truly collaborative team activity.