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Flat Out Afloat

Teams construct and race a seaworthy boat

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The world's most innovative and exciting 'construct your own boat' concept!

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The most innovative and exciting ' construct your own boat ' concept in the world! Teams must choose a design, gather unusual raw materials, and combine their unique abilities to build a seaworthy vessel. After the task, a boat, pool, or ocean is the proof. Teams enter the water in a race, regatta, sea battle, or full-scale expedition to recover sunken treasure. A water-tight vessel and collaborative strategic planning must be employed to win the race!

Flat Out Afloat


In Flat Out Afloat, teams discover that the 'impossible' is achievable when they work together and coordinate their efforts. They also realise that outstanding leadership and good ideas are often born from those least expected. Project planning and strategic communication are imperative as teams work within a limited time frame. Participants may discover that authentic leadership and great ideas often come from those they least expect.