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Flat Out: Pyramid Puzzle

Teams collaborate to create and beautify a large pyramid

About this product

Flat Out Pyramid Puzzle is a team building collaboration. Teams combine pieces to create a giant pyramid and decorate it.

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In this fun and creative team-building activity, each team gathers materials, tools, and detailed blueprints to work together to turn a series of 'flat packs' into giant pyramids. After each group pyramid is built, groups can decorate it with slogans and colours and piece them together to reinforce their brand message, conference theme, or charity of choice.

Each pyramid decoration should combine with other pyramid segments as a unified design. In addition, you can create custom stickers and combine them to decorate part of the pyramid. The challenge follows a cooperative team-building activity that rewards teams as they all work together to build a giant pyramid from each team's pyramid.

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Resource management and quality control are essential to ensure that building blocks are manufactured on time and consistently high-quality. "Group focus" occurs when individuals participate in interactive problem-solving exercises that create constructive next steps. "Achieving the common goal of combining all the elements into a cohesive pyramid requires the group's attention. Your corporate message is instantly amplified when it becomes part of the final build, and It is a reminder of the power of working toward a common goal. It takes problem-solving skills to assemble a series of shapes and stack them into a pyramid, and it's like a giant 3D puzzle.