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Teams play as a string orchestra in less than one hour.

About this product

Music is used to bond teams using Crescendo.

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With Crescendo, string orchestras are formed in less than an hour. At the beginning of the event, participants listen to an arrangement by the instructors. They are then informed they will soon be playing together as one! Disbelief soon turns to interest as the instructors give every person a classical string instrument, either a violin or a viola. After learning the fundamentals, participants learn a part of the final composition. With a custom backing track, the two sections fuse to produce wonderful music.

Blue Danube Remixed

Taking Crescendo to a new level with a popular classic remixed with a dance beat!
Blue Danube Remixed presents an upbeat option amongst a range of existing Crescendo backing tracks. It’s also perfect for seasonal dinner party promotions. Dancing and playing the violin is now a reality for your clients!


Crescendo uses music to bond teams and achieve the impossible. Usually, individuals cannot learn an instrument in less than an hour, but it is possible with exemplary leadership, and everyone focused on a single goal. Music enhances learning and releases dopamine to create elation and positive thinking. It is an exceptionally team-bonding experience with long-lasting implications.