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Boom Time

A fun way to break the ice at a conference.

About this product

Boom Time is a unique conference ice breaker or energiser that unifies teams as they create adrenaline-pumping music.

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Participants create a fiery symphony of music in Boom Time by playing Boomwhacker—a lightweight, hollow, colour-coded plastic tube tuned to musical pitches by length. With a Boomwhacker, participants follow a visual interface to create unified music. A large screen displays colour-coded blocks of various colours. Participants time and work together to strike their tubes and produce musical notes when a coloured block hits a key. As the event progresses, the speed and difficulty level increase; blocks move faster, and teams respond more earnestly to keep the rhythm building to an uplifting finish.


With Boom Time, groups bond as they create energizing music together. This icebreaker transforms any conference space into a colourful, fast-paced orchestra that will energize, enthuse, and delight everyone. It has been utilised successfully worldwide to generate excitement and unity in conferences and enthuse and energize everyone. This team-building activity requires all participants to collaborate and cooperate, nurturing teamwork and openness. It's a great way to unwind and have fun with colleagues.