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corporate social responsibility teambuilding activity

Teams build sustainable, eco-friendly bird boxes, insect hotels and bat boxes.

Give Backpack is a CSR team building activity in which teams participate in various engaging challenges to fill backpacks for people without housing.

About Teams solve fun and active problem-solving challenges and puzzles to “earn” team tools and bike parts. If your team has enough resources, you begin creating an efficient assembly process…

Team members work together to understand the game and develop an agile team strategy.

make an impact with your team

Impact focuses your team on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

go team - go give

Teams use tablets and the Go Team app to review checkpoints and special fundraising projects. A unique ‘Go Team Follow Arrow’ guides the team to a selected waypoint. Upon arrival,…

Toy Factory team building

In Toy Factory, teams receive mixed bags of wooden pieces that must be put together and decorated to create a variety of high-quality children’s toys.

About Rags to Riches is a feel-good team-building activity that provides an engaging platform for participants to give back while recycling unwanted items. After identifying a national charity or community…

the big picture catalyst team building activity

An insight into the innovative and creative process that led to the creation of one of the world’s most popular creative team building activities.

Teams build a golf course out of unperishable goods, and then compete against each other by playing a game.