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Hole in One

Teams design and build golf courses from donated food.

About this product

Teams build a golf course out of unperishable goods, and then compete against each other by playing a game.

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Golf has always been a popular sport for business networking, whether on the track or in the boardroom. We have turned this venerable sport into a fun, engaging mini-version that allows everyone to participate meaningfully. With Hole in One, participants work as a team to design and build a challenging mini-golf course they will eventually play in a competitive and exciting tournament. Teams design their course from the material provided. The challenge is that each hole has to be built to be fun, challenging, and conceptually different. Each team will also be responsible for designing and building the putter they will use in the final tournament as they play each hole and calculate the score.

Hole in One


Hole In One is a high-energy activity where everyone gets involved in everything from answering burning questions, creatively designing and building golf courses, and hitting the green. Creativity and ingenuity are stimulated! Communication and project management skills were put to good use when designing their mini golf course. Participants have fun and feel good!

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

After the team building event, the food will be donated to the local charity of your choice. Attendees may be asked to donate food to the event, or canned and dry goods may be provided depending on the desired donation budget.