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The Green Game

Self-build wildlife habitats

About this product

Teams build sustainable, eco-friendly bird boxes, insect hotels and bat boxes.

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Green Game is a socially responsible team building activity where teams first complete ‘eco challenges’ provided iPads to earn sustainable materials to build the Bird Boxes, Insect Hotels, and Bat Boxes. These fun, creative, mental, and physical challenges are varied in difficulty and encourage resourceful innovation—teams position talent by completing the bird, bat, and insect-based challenges they can achieve.

Decisive leadership, strategy, and effective communication are everything, as teams can gain an advantage by juggling multiple tasks. Having stockpiled essential materials, the team's next task is to divide roles and produce three eco-friendly wildlife habitats. Guided by three-dimensional blueprints, the teams first build and then decorate the timber structures according to specific criteria. All the Boxes can be donated to your local community, school, or institution.

corporate social responsibility teambuilding activity


The Green Game is a fun, reflective, practical, and inclusive game that offers local impact and a positive shared experience. Participants learn about their local ecology and the impact of human activity on local populations of birds, bats, and insects. In the first phase of the activity, teams discover what positive actions encourage populations to grow and restore balance to the natural world in their area.

The games present a relaxed and informal platform for co-workers to get to know each other, break the ice, and explore team dynamics. To succeed, teams work effectively together to weigh up risk and reward. With time ticking, participants must speak up and let the rest of the team know what challenges they can confidently answer. Trust builds as challenges are completed successfully, and individuals learn to appreciate each other’s abilities.