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Impact – Live!

Work with your team to create a sustainable future.

About this product

Team members work together to understand the game and develop an agile team strategy.

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IMPACT is a team-building activity that can be played by face-to-face teams, working remotely or in a multi-locational hybrid group. It emphasises giving and genuinely leaves a mark on the world by affecting the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This highly engaging team-building exercise teaches participants the blueprint for success in achieving a better future by understanding the SDGs. They are first given a tablet to start making real impacts. Participants are briefed about the SDGs and then given a tablet to begin making real impacts. Every level of the game involves a challenge related to the SDGs (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Climate Action, etc.). There are mental, physical, and active challenges as well as several levels of difficulty. The app guides teams through the challenges as they attempt to gain points and climb the leaderboard while recognising the SDGs and creating a more sustainable future for all.


Team members collaborate to devise an adaptive strategy for the game. They learn that innovative thinking and effective communication will help them ascend the leaderboard. Listening skills and speaking up to share ideas will help them accomplish challenges. As teams value the diversity of each other's strengths and collaborate on a larger, more inclusive goal, trust begins to build. A better world will result.

IMPACT is a lot of enjoyment! Participants leave feeling delighted and united. Most importantly, they learn about the SDGs and how they can improve their lives to create a better future.

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