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At Catalyst Global we have over 150 products for you to choose from.

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Organising a team-building activity?
Is your team in the same location or working from home?  Or a bit of both?
We have a range of products that can be fully customised for your teams' unique requirements.

Product Stories

Find out how some of the most popular, trusted team building products came about. A paragliding accident that led to The Big Picture, a failed attempt to climb Amadablam led business game Peak Performance and a love of Samba led to the world's first corporate drumming program with Beatswork


Bring your team together with Virtual team building activities online.


Develop better teamwork with everyone together in one or multiple live locations.


Collaborative team building between in-person and remote employees.

Creative & Artistic, Networking, 90 - 120 mins, Onboarding & Induction, Icebreakers & Energisers, Face-to-Face Teams


Teams of 5 to 8 people work hard to a deadline of 100 minutes to complete a course of tricky 3D tasks.

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Creative & Artistic, 30 - 60 mins, Remote Teams

In the Picture – Remote

Specially designed for remote teams looking to discuss and explore shared identity. Participants are invited to take a number of selfies for inclusion in a video clip which will showcase all members of their team. In the Picture – Remote is a fun, team bonding activity with powerful learning outcomes. The photographic criteria can be adapted to reflect values and culture or, as a way of getting to know each other better. In the Picture is an excellent kick-off for discussions around the importance of shared identity and how to develop it in remote teams.

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Music & Rhythm, 30 - 60 mins, Icebreakers & Energisers, Remote Teams

Haka Action – Remote

In Haka Action participants are encouraged to release their inhibitions and have an open-minded attitude. In this supportive shared environment, participants can unleash their creative and emotive expression.

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More Products

Physical + Active, 60 - 90 mins, Teambonding, Icebreakers & Energisers, 30 - 60 mins, Popular Activities, Face-to-Face Teams

Win it in A Minute

Win it in a Minute is full of excitement and nail-biting moments as teams battle it out in a series of 60-second challenges. Teams can experience its versatile format and fun, remote, on-site or hybrid gameplay.

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Business Games, 60 - 90 mins, Networking, Face-to-Face Teams

Go Engage

Powered by the Go Team platform, Go Engage is a versatile tool for sharing content, gathering information, and stimulating creative thinking. Go Engage has a variety of applications that can…

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10-30 mins, Music & Rhythm, Icebreakers & Energisers, Remote Teams

Body Rap – Remote

Online meetings can often feel uncomfortable while participants become familiar with new communication systems and meeting protocol. Quick, quirky, and incredibly effective, Body Rap instantly relaxes remote audiences and helps them bond on an emotional level.

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Technology Based, 30 - 60 mins, Remote Teams

Meditainment – Online

Meditainment LIVE! is a group meditation interactive audio/visual experience delivered by a presenter via online conferencing or in-person at a staged event. Meditainment utilises established guided meditation and visualisation techniques, leading users on imaginative journeys to dreamlike destinations to explore and reflect on a range of wellbeing topics.

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