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At Catalyst Global we have over 150 products for you to choose from.


Organising a team-building activity?
Is your team in the same location or working from home?  Or a bit of both?
We have a range of products that can be fully customised for your teams' unique requirements.

Product Stories

Find out how some of the most popular, trusted team building products came about. A paragliding accident that led to The Big Picture, a failed attempt to climb Amadablam led business game Peak Performance and a love of Samba led to the world's first corporate drumming program with Beatswork


Bring your team together with Virtual team building activities online.


Develop better teamwork with everyone together in one or multiple live locations.


Collaborative team building between in-person and remote employees.

Creative & Artistic, Construction & Invention, Over 120 mins, Face-to-Face Teams

Dragon Squad

Teams design and build a Chinese dragon. Then, armed with musical instruments, each team choreographed a piece of music and practised their dragon dance.

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Business Games, Learning & Development, 60 - 90 mins, 90 - 120 mins, Face-to-Face Teams

Gold Rush

The streets are paved with Gold coins!! Teams will collaborate and multi-task on 8 different levels simultaneously in an effort to discover gold, become abundantly wealthy and ultimately win the…

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10-30 mins, Icebreakers & Energisers, Face-to-Face Teams

Corporate Bodybuilding

Corporate Body Build is a fun, outdoor team building activity exploring human capital’s role in company brand and culture.

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More Products

Construction & Invention, 60 - 90 mins, Face-to-Face Teams

Rat Trap

Imagine the atmosphere as your team enters a toy shop full of giant sized construction pieces – a set of metal and plastic components, parts, nuts and bolts, ready to…

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Business Games, 60 - 90 mins, Networking, Teambonding, 30 - 60 mins, Face-to-Face Teams

Speak Up Speak Out

A fully customised, focused discussion activity where team members are given a platform to air their views.

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