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Soccer Nations

Explore the Soccer Nations of the world with this global GPS activity

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In Soccer Nations, participants embark on a GPS trail to explore team dynamics and collective decision-making while discovering the cuisine, culture and facts of the World Cup countries.

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The beauty of Soccer Nations is that it is simple for people to pick up and go with it. At the end of the day, it's a quiz, but it gets people out and about. Participants walk around to actual physical GPS locations to get the questions to answer them. There is even a little bit of tactics about it. So you can go to group A and answer questions about group A or move on to group B. They are all worth different points. A team needs to make strategic decisions, choose their questions, and of course, just like football, you are moving – you may not get as fit as required to play a football match – but you are moving your legs, and you are up, and you are out, and you are doing something active to go with the quiz.

Dave Turner, Catalyst Global


In Soccer Nations, similar to the World Cup, teams compete to score as many 'goals' as possible within the time limit. Kick-off! The team selects a flag on the map and follows the GPS arrow on Go team to the location. Achieving goals will trigger challenges related to specific World Cup team nations. You don't have to be a soccer fanatic to enjoy this activity. The challenges vary, including exploration, general knowledge, and soccer questions. The harder the challenge, the more "goals" the team gets for successful answers. Huddle time! Teams decide if they want to stay and work on more challenges or move to another location to complete challenges in another country and achieve more goals! You can also increase your score by completing bonus tasks. A whistle blows! It's time to hear the results or participate in an optional special penalty shootout.

Soccer Nations team building


Soccer Nations is a fun team bonding activity where participants discover the world's soccer nations. It's a powerful way to build collaboration and trust, motivate people, and encourage people to focus on what they have in common. Limited time and common goals enable participants to collaborate effectively, share decisions, play to strengths and ultimately seek efficient collaboration. Players leave the game feeling refreshed and energized, knowing more about each other and the world's football nations.