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Dave Turner

Head of Partner Engagement

As Head of Partner Engagement, Dave fosters effective open communication channels within the Catalyst Global Network.

With over 20 years of event experience across several leading team-building industry companies, Dave brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role. He not only understands the Catalyst Global suite of products but has first-hand experience in the many and varied aspects of designing, selling and facilitating team building activities. Dave represents the Catalyst Global team at internal network meetings both in-person and online.

Dave is well known for being approachable, kind and supportive. Dave considers effective communication, open sharing and collaboration as the key elements to the ongoing success of the Catalyst network.  A skilful listener and astute problem solver, Dave is an invaluable part of the Catalyst Global team.

In his role, Dave liaises closely with Catalyst Global Directors, identifying and communicating potential opportunities and risks, and plays a vital role in developing and implementing strategies to address both. He is on the planning committees for the Catalyst Network Zone and Global meetings.

Dave is always looking for new ways to create new programmes or integrate them to add value to existing ones.  He is the creator of several popular team building activities, including Race Around the World. He believes that to create the best experience possible; it’s key to understand ‘why’ partners and clients want an event, not just ‘what’ they want.