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Zannoza Entertainment is Nigeria's premier team-building company and the exclusive Catalyst Teambuilding partner for Nigeria.

Suzan Adinoyi


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Zannoza Entertainment is a social gaming company in Lagos, Nigeria redefining human engagement by connecting people one game at a time. They create and facilitate gamification and game-based solutions to enhance human connection, people engagement, learning and entertainment.

They believe that everyday interactions can be transformed into fun activities that make a lasting impression. From welcoming new colleagues to introducing customers to a new product to engaging people at an event or even celebrating colleagues, all these interactions can be transformed by an infusion of mindful, exciting and innovative gaming experiences.

Making this possible is what they stand for at Zannoza Entertainment. They have created unforgettable experiences for corporate organisations, resident associations, churches, schools, clubs, alumni associations, and individuals.

With the addition of the Catalyst Global portfolio of innovative game experiences, a wide range of games and teambuilding activities, and access to premium content, Zannoza is better equipped to design, deliver, support your needs and elevate your interactions.

Discover the benefits of using Zannoza - Catalyst Nigeria and unlock the potential for growth and success.

Zannoza offers a multitude of benefits that empower businesses to move from regular events to immersive and engaging experiences.