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Biz GROUP, Catalyst partner in the Middle East is the leading team building company, in UAE (Dubai), Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Egypt.

Darien Bruwer

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With established offices in UAE (Dubai), Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Egypt, biz Group Team Building guarantee their clients to Impact Performance with Flawless Execution and Innovative Solutions. They live their company values every day, which they believe give them a culture of success that they bring to all of the companies they work with. These are: Combining Strengths; Genuine Care About Delivering Results; Believing Anything is Possible; Supporting People's Personal Growth.

Biz GROUP team building events have been carefully selected and developed to suit the multi-cultural nature of the Middle East and can all be tailored to your conference or meeting objectives. As businesses strive to maximise the value every colleague contributes, Biz-Events works closely to help you build your team spirit, improve internal communications, reinforce business goals and energise your team to achieve greater results. The biggest and the best in the Middle East, with an unrivalled capability to bring wide-ranging solutions tailored to your particular needs, Biz Group Team Building is the team building provider of choice for hundreds of companies in the region.

"Our dedicated team service over 450 events each year, impacting an average of 30,000 people annually. Our years of expertise in our field, award winning company culture, wide range of team building activities and a ‘believe anything is possible’ attitude, combine to give us a unique ability to positively impact the capabilities of any team."