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Catalyst Global announces new partner in the USA.

Boston, USA based TeamBonding joins the Catalyst Team Building Network

TeamBonding joins the Catalyst Network.

Catalyst Global, which operates in 90 countries, designs and develops some of the most innovative and popular products in the corporate team building market. Team Bonding has been given rights to sell and distribute Catalyst Global team building products in the USA.

The partnership will increase the availability of Catalyst team building products throughout the USA. TeamBonding will also become a member of the Catalyst’s Team Building Network, consisting of 47 team building businesses. TeamBonding’s existing client base many of which have international presence will benefit from consistency of team development practises, as events carried out in the US can be replicated on a global scale with the assistance of overseas network members.

“Catalyst is delighted to welcome TeamBonding to our global network of team building providers. The Catalyst Team Building Network is built on the strength of open sharing of information between partners. TeamBonding, with their long history in team building and knowledge of the U.S. market, is a welcome addition to the network.”

Guy Baker, Catalyst CEO.

“I am proud to work with and learn from 47 team building partners from 90 countries who motivate and inspire me. Together, we are ready to build teams with the same passion for excellence as we have at TeamBonding and with the same high-quality design and delivery in multiple locations,”


David Goldstein, CEO of TeamBonding.

TeamBonding has been named one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for five of the past nine years by the Inc. 5000, and remains one of the most respected team building companies in the United States offering world-class service, trusted event facilitator relationships, and unparalleled events.

The partnership is expected to change the team building industry in the USA. Catalyst Global’s investment into digital gamification will allow TeamBonding to progress with new technology products, including VR program The Infinite Loop and Go Team based escape game, Escape the Maze. TeamBonding will also bring to the US market, globally popular Beat the Box and its soon to be released sequel Outbreak.