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Rupert Picardo

Director of d’frens and Mystery Junkies

Listen to Rich speak with Rupert as he shares his exciting stories including the record attempted (and set) for the largest ensemble of body percussionists in the world. His team shattered the record by having almost 160% more people than the previous record perform body percussion for a continuous six minutes!

Rupert is the Director of d’frens and Mystery Junkies based in Bangalore, India and loves creating new activities, simulations, and games. Not just for the heck of it, but games and activities created to address real-life simulations. These were created for a purpose and designed to deliver in experiential learning, employee engagement, team building, change management, business skills, communication, team coordination, and a hundred other learning parameters.

In 2019, Rupert also spoke at TEDxLavelleRoad named the “Experiment to uncover the hidden you” to inspire others to not hold themselves back by saying  “I can’t” and to open themselves up to a world of possibilities.

" The only reason we have these fears is because we are always judging ourselves and thinking about how others are going to judge me."

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