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Twelve Teams of Christmas

Teams donate to increase their wealth in a celebratory bargaining game.

About this product

Teams use powerful communique and networking competencies to examine high-quality relationships' significance.

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Each team takes on the role of an Elf, Santa's little helper. Elves are tasked with preparing presents and decorations for Christmas. Their goal is to gather goods by forming relationships with other groups of elves and using their cunning to gather vital information.

The game takes place on four matchdays. Each day begins with a group of elves trading and returning to Lapland to receive a reward from Santa Claus. As the game progresses, groups of elves develop relationships with other groups of elves and share the knowledge they gain.

Twelve Teams of Christmas team building


A quick and clever activity in which teams negotiate and act to maximize profits. It's a competitive exercise, but the most successful teams are those who collaborate with other teams to achieve win-win results while focusing on profit.

During the review process, strategies for success are shared, and relevant insights are applied to the workplace.