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The Curio Show

Antique Road-Show meets Call My Bluff

About this product

Teams employ educated guesswork and bluff as they venture into the intriguing world of antiques

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Curio Show is an intriguing deductive reasoning team building activity, a little guesswork, and bluff just like Antiques Roadshow. Avoiding the mundane world of plates, vases, and furniture, the game features a diverse collection of curio objects set atop plinths, ranging from the intriguing to the downright bizarre.

In the Curio Show, teams browse the curios. Simple questions will provoke lively debate as to the age, value, and intended use of each item. Teams then take turns to provide three descriptions of an antique, only one of which is correct. The other teams guess which description is the correct one. The truth is revealed, and the winners are awarded prizes!

the curio show antiques roadshow style team building activity


Curio Show's creative word play and intelligent inquiry quietly draw everyone in, resulting in a relaxed evening of entertainment. It is the ideal networking tool, cleverly stimulating discussion, wit, and storytelling to create a sociable and positive atmosphere.

Curio Show focuses the mind as it fosters intelligent inquiry and deductive reasoning in a fascinating and intriguing way, leaving participants with lasting skills, memories, and connections.