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Team Investigation

Solve the mysterious murder of a famous footballer

About this product

In Team Investigation, remote teams slip into detective mode to consider a case riddled with celebrities, bribery and power relations. The multifaceted evidence including, newspaper articles, videos and other clues is presented via an online portal.

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Teams tackle each unknown in short, time-boxed sprint cycles. In each sprint, participants research a specific strand of evidence, come back together, identify possible motives, and connect links to inform the next sprint. Teams have 90 minutes to consider the evidence and submit their investigation form. Their case notes must include the possible motives of each suspect and reveal the identity of the perpetrator.

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Team Investigation reflects a real-world scenario where investigative teams have to analyse available information and develop findings and conclusions. The interactive gameplay and volume of information require teams to build a clear strategy in which each individual has specific roles and responsibilities in assessing and assimilating the evidence. In Team Investigation, gamification integrates gaming elements, incentive mechanics, rule structure, and feedback systems to motivate people to engage, observe their behaviour, ultimately leading to behavioural change. Through gameplay, participants sharpen their remote team skills, in particular, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative decision making, and accurately measuring success as a team.