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Summit Challenge

Can your team make it to the top of the mountain?

About this product

Can you summit successfully with your team? Your climbers must communicate effectively with the Expedition Leader, collaborating to develop a strategy, solving challenges to earn points and move up the levels. Come on, the summit awaits!

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Guided by the custom-built app, teams play the role of an Expedition Team on a multi-level journey. Fun and engaging challenges earn teams points and move them up the levels—different roles including. Climbers and the Expedition Leader need to combine their various information and instructions. The ultimate goal is to travel from Base Camp to the Summit successfully - and take a celebratory team photo "on the top," of course. Summit Challenge can be customised to include company questions.

Summit Challenge remote game


Playing the role of a virtual Expedition team in fun but time-pressured simulation helps teams explore the new rules of engagement and become more effective virtual team players. Effective communication, rapid decision making and strategic planning around Risk v Reward are also vital learning outcomes. The shared remote experience of creativity and a team focus on the final goal – the Summit! is an experiential experience that is directly transferable to work teams.