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Quickfire Festive

A flashy and fun tablet-driven team challenge.

About this product

Teams invest in demanding situations of various problems and attempt to finish as many demanding situations as viable to maximise their points.

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Santa walks into the room and presents each team with a stocking full of gear and a tablet with quirky seasonal menus. By pooling their respective talents, teams strategize to complete their Quickfire matches within a set time frame. The unique Quickfire interface offers a festive array of mental, creative and active challenges that encourage spontaneous interaction.
All challenges have different entry costs and levels of complexity. The team manages resources, balancing risks and potential rewards while directing talent to challenges that can be overcome. As time goes on, the spirit of the festival begins to build, with participants completely settling into a competitive yet cooperative atmosphere.

Quickfire Festive team building


As time pressure mounts, participants quickly drop all inhibitions and trust their talents. As the game gains momentum, the team understands their collective strengths, gains the confidence to deal with increased risks, and becomes more determined in its task selection. Festive Quickfire encourages a can-do attitude and a supportive culture. Create a positive platform for employees to engage equally, learn new skills, and build common bonds. A Quickfire Festive is a great way to reward your team, celebrate achievements, and focus on your goals for the coming year. This activity is flexible and provides ample scope for customizing important company-related messages, even with limited venues.