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Pyramid Quest AR

Teams combine skills to crack an AR Egyptian riddle

About this product

In Pyramid Quest AR teams watch an ancient Pyramid build from the middle of their table. They combine skills to crack an ancient Egyptian riddle.

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Pyramid Quest AR is a fun, table-based, team game that brings a whole new level of interaction and engagement to your next team-building activity or dinner event. Teams watch in amazement as an ancient Pyramid seemingly builds from the middle of their table. The pyramid is, of course, augmented reality, the overlaying of 3D models on immediate surroundings, viewed from all angles through a tablet or smartphone. Team members combine skills to crack an ancient Egyptian riddle. Pop-up touchscreen features, sliding stones and coded hieroglyphics in high-definition graphics add to the sense of adventure in this otherworldly quest.


The intriguing theme and fantastical game format actively encourage all team members to participate. In puzzling their way to the end goal, teams must actively listen, consider all opinions and make decisions quickly in a limited time. While socialising and having fun, participants will discover the talents of others, and learn how to work together to achieve their ultimate goal. The light-hearted competition between tables drives involvement and creates a fun atmosphere for players to forge new bonds with co-workers.