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Paint A Part

A shared celebration of a collective work - together-apart

About this product

Paint A Part is a creative team building activity, a shared celebration through the creation of a collective work of art.

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In Paint A Part creative team building, individuals receive an art kit and a pre-drawn canvas delivered to their home office. Once they have finished painting their piece, they attend a fun, interactive art-themed online event, including team colour creations, trivia and the all-important show & tell finale. The final paintings can be enjoyed as single pieces, put onto a virtual group whiteboard or hung in a common area at the office, similar to the famous Andy Warhol's "Campbell Soup Cans" piece.

Paint A Part Team Building Activity


Paint A Part gives teams and individuals the chance to reconnect through a shared creative process. Individuality and creative expression are encouraged to ensure inclusion and promote innovative thinking. Through the show and tell exercise, participants discover interesting facts about their colleague, which spark conversation.