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Knowing Me Knowing You

Gain points for your team by networking and relationship building

About this product

A team building activity that is fun and lighthearted, Knowing Me Knowing You will boost team collaboration and relationship building.

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The activity begins with a group warm-up exercise to get people talking. Then, individuals can choose to gather as many business and personal commonalties as possible with other participants to gain points for their team. Accordingly, the competitive structure and unique game matrix keep the mood lively. At this point, individuals return to their teams to calculate their scores and receive their next objective. Individuals work the room until the final whistle blows to tally points, and the winners are announced!

Knowing Me Knowing You

LEARNING OUTCOMES | Networking Team Building

Working with Knowing Me Knowing You will help your team build rapport and connections quickly. It is a fun, lighthearted team building activity that will help break the ice. A workforce with solid connections is essential for any organisation, as relationships are critical. By establishing common ground between people, Knowing Me Knowing You helps organisations implement information sharing and best practices that will inevitably lead to a better bottom line. By facilitating an open and honest line of communication, your team can collaborate and learn from one another, maximising every employee's potential. Knowing Me Knowing You makes it easy for your organization to discover and retain top-notch talent. Provides a comfortable, non-threatening space where employees can openly discuss their concerns and challenges.