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Knowing Me Knowing You – Work Styles

Understand and appreciate the work style of yourself and others.

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Work Styles helps you understand and appreciate your and others' working styles to create effective teams that work together.

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Work style begins with participants reflecting on their work style and noting their preferences on several topics. Then, they get to know their colleagues by networking in the room and finding out how others match their styles. The game aims to find as many matches as possible. When the team is full of energy, it's time to form groups with similar working styles. The groups discuss and identify characteristics of their preferred working style. Then they do a group activity. They then form groups with as many different working styles as possible, functioning similarly to the previous activity. A group moderator then leads a group discussion that explores why having multiple working styles in a team works and why it might not work if each person has limited views on different working ways.

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Research shows that the most effective teams are formed of people with various working styles. However, these differences can cause conflict if they are not appreciated, and they will lead to more effective innovation and ideation if understood, appreciated and embraced.

Knowing Me Knowing You - Work Styles is a team-building activity designed to help participants understand each other and appreciate how those with similar and different working styles can be key contributors to the team's productivity. It allows participants to explore how they tend to work.