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Island Survivor

Can your team survive the island long enough to be rescued?

About this product

To be rescued, teams must first pass through nine zones to learn basic survival skills and then alert a passing ship.

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In Island Survivor, teams must escape the island by locating a vessel and signalling for help. While they wait, they must adapt to island life to survive. Each team uses a tablet displaying an illustration of the island divided into nine zones. In each zone, they tackle various survival challenges, such as finding water, dealing with weather, providing first aid, constructing shelters, signalling, and more. Washed-up items will help them solve these challenges.

Teams need to master all aspects of survival. Spending too much time in one zone will cause them to lose knowledge in other areas, while spending too little time won't give them the critical know-how they need. Once a team leaves a zone, they cannot return. Successful signalling and rescue depend on the teams’ ability to communicate with the ship.

Escape the Island


Finding the right moment to move to the next zone and deciding when to stay in the current zone depend on active communication and decision-making to survive the island. Team members learn real survival techniques by collaborating and absorbing knowledge. Escape the Island encourages teams to test their teamwork strategies. Teams must determine how best to allocate tasks among themselves to utilise their strengths. The flexible game design allows for either a one-hour session or a more in-depth team development experience lasting up to three hours.