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Discover values in a series of exciting challenges.

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Teams of 5 to 8 people work hard to a deadline of 100 minutes to complete a course of tricky 3D tasks.

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Teams of 5 to 8 people work hard to a deadline of 100 minutes to complete a course of tricky 3D tasks. With just 20 minutes to solve each task, your communication, leadership, and teamwork will be tested. Unlike regular problem-solving exercises, Integrity breaks new ground by introducing revolutionary new game dynamics. Both teams and their "referees" are evaluated on their performance.

At the start of each task, a volunteer referee returns from his outbound team to supervise his inbound team. When the time runs out, the referee evaluates the team according to seven performance criteria, and the team evaluates the referee. Each team has five "Integrity Stones" that he can award to judges at his discretion. After a tricky rotation of five physical puzzles, the team declares their hard-earned total score sheet and 'Integrity Stone', and the winner is announced.


Discover the value and a sense of 'what's right' in this clever, challenging, and well-thought-out set of challenges. Integrity provides an engaging platform for participants to analyze communication and leadership, develop agile teams, and highlight individual personalities.

Balance team thinking in 100 minutes. Subtle Potential Business His messages that gradually appear throughout the game allow participants to see the world from the perspective of their colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Integrity provides a safe environment to guide appropriate behaviour, examine company culture, encourage active discussion, and encourage consistent team decision-making. As a personal quality of fairness, integrity is a value we all strive for. Integrity means responsibly doing the right thing and is a key value for all forward-looking companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

A sophisticated tactile task device for 'completeness' is handcrafted in a Bavaria workshop for people with disabilities.