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Improve team communication

About this product

ibuild is a unified enjoyable activity with stable outcomes focusing on the significance of language, feedback, and a step-by-step task strategy.

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In this highly engaging activity, the focus is on cross-departmental communication and collaboration. Each participant plays an essential role in the success of his or her team. Participants are divided into small groups and assigned a specific role in the communication chain. The goal is to build a model from very simple elements, following the chosen strategy within a limited time.


ibuild is a unified experience with solid results focusing on the importance of language, feedback, and creating a step-by-step project strategy. The strict rules emphasize the key principles of accurate information transmission. Ibuild is a great way to improve internal communication skills between different teams or departments of the company and communicate with customers. The ibuild activity was followed by a discussion session where participants were encouraged to share their experiences and present their findings.