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Human Bingo

Human Bingo is a fast-paced networking activity where teams race to complete a series of fun tasks.

About this product

Human Bingo is a fast paced activity where teams compete in a series of fun tasks against other participants.

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Human Bingo is an app-based program that gives each team questions. Fully customizable, it can include interesting facts, quirky habits, interests or achievements, e.g. Are you in the media or can you grow a banana tree? Participants must ask other teams questions to find someone who can answer positively or identify teams that fall under specific criteria. Some questions require video or photo evidence to create instant laughter and unforgettable memories. Teamwork creates enough competition between teams while allowing for great bonding with team members.

human bingo team networking activity


Human Bingo is the perfect way to encourage networking. It is designed for starting groups or those who want to strengthen relationships and create more vital communication bridges. Getting to know others, making connections, and building trust will strengthen the team. The quick pace and fun, intimate nature of the activity ensure full participation. The game can be tailored to your team and delivers optimal results by adding specific information about individuals and tasks associated with the team or company. Scores, images, and videos from the game are available due to a memorable shared experience.