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Haunted House

Escape this virtual house of ghostly fun

About this product

Night is falling. The path at your feet wanders into a dark wood. In the distance is the glow of a house. You and your team step inside, The door slams shut! Can your team work together to decipher the codes and ultimately Escape the Haunted House!

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Escape the Haunted House

Night is falling. The path at your feet wanders into a dark wood. In the distance is the glow of a house. Eery hypnotic music drifts from the basement into the heavens. As you approach, the gate swings open and the door creaks wide beckoning you inside. Your group steps over the threshold and the door slams shut. You are trapped inside. You discover that one of your team can communicate with the dead. This is your team’s Ghost Whisperer who is cursed with three ghoulish quests by the ghosts and malevolent spirits of each room. A candle flickers. The clock is ticking. Command courage to let your eyes wander the depths of each room searching for the clues that will guide your Ghost Whisperer to solve its mysteries, releasing you all to the next room and ultimately to Escape the Haunted House together alive!

Escape the Haunted House
Escape the Haunted House

How it Works

Teams of four or five people compete against each other, solving cryptic clues and completing hilarious photo challenges to be the first to escape the virtual haunted house. Playable on any mobile device in any location via our award-winning Go Team app, each team selects a player to be their ‘Ghost Whisperer’. The rest of the team, or ‘Investigators’, must guide their Whisperer to solve the clues – and complete three ghoulish mental and creative challenges – to escape each of the rooms in the house. Your teams have just 90 minutes to work together to escape all six rooms in the haunted house – and the one with the most points that breaks the final code, wins!


Haunted House has been specifically designed around developing an attitude of courage teams. The gameplay drives teams to work together valuing and celebrating each person’s ideas, actively listening and nurture discussion. As team trust builds, participants learn to shrug off a fear of failure, take courage to speak up and communicate their ideas with clarity. Through trust, self-belief and courage teams discover the successes that collaborative deductive reasoning can bring.

When excitement and anxiety come into play, practicality and logical thinking can become skewed. Teams that keep a cool head will be able to think rationally under pressure and employ problem-solving skills together.

The infectious and fun escape room style challenges and engaging theme bring a fresh perspective to working as a team. This is their chance to engage with their teammates in a new and informal way, bringing a totally fresh perspective to how they behave as a team.
By gamifying the critical components of courageous teamwork, Haunted House will become a memorable shared experience for your team to draw on long after the activity is over.

Escape the Haunted House