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Escape the Mob

A fun escape-themed adventure.

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Escape Rooms are a favourite, offering new ways to step out of your comfort zone and face new and exciting challenges.

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Escape the Mob begins with a mysterious video telling the team they are involved in a perfect heist. The team has limited time to research the history and determine the exact time they were at each location on the night of the robbery. And if they can find out who stole the diamonds, they will surely be released.
Each team has a bag with night items that are useful for quests. The team began a fantastic race to solve the mystery and escape the Mob. The Go Team app takes them to checkpoints where they solve various photos, videos, puzzling questions, and riddles that lead to the final solution. Challenges can be based on modern escape room-style quests, including cyphers, symbol-swapping alpha puzzles, finding objects in pictures, puzzles, pattern identification, strange smells, strange sounds and more!

Teams earn points for correct answers, find time and place clues to add to their pocketbooks and pinpoint their whereabouts at night. The winning team has the most points, but celebrations are shared as the teams must work together to reveal their names.

Escape the Mob team building


Escape Rooms are a favourite with many viewers, offering new ways to step out of your comfort zone and face new and exciting challenges. Escape the Mob brings that exhilaration to a flexible format where challenges can be tailored to client outcomes while maintaining the same exciting themes. Escape the Mob requires participants to think outside the box to find clues, communicate with each other, and ultimately solve puzzles.
Escape the Mob is designed for everyone to participate in puzzles, photo and video, sound and smell, creative and innovative challenges, songs, dances, Liberia compositions, and much more. Increase. This realistic, real-time experience gives participants in this new corporate team-building activity first-hand experience of acting in new and unknown situations with unforeseen circumstances and consequences. Each clue brings you closer to the solution, but the constant time limit adds to the excitement and sense of urgency as the game progresses. Personal strengths are revealed, and participants learn how to react and think calmly under pressure.