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E Choir

E Choir is an uplifting experience that celebrates creativity and builds confidence.

About this product

In E Choir participants sing in harmony from the comfort of their remote office motivating, uplifting and developing a sense of togetherness.

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What is E-Choir?

E-choir is a remote team building product designed to enhance motivation and togetherness. In E Choir participants learn to sing in harmony from the comfort of their remote office. Designed to work in any situation - E Choir is great for small teams, a whole department or even an entire company!

Billie Godfrey, a British soul singer, songwriter, vocal arranger, and coach, will guide your session. Participants join the session via an online conferencing platform. Billie welcomes all participants with a friendly and personalised introduction, letting the group know how the experience will unfold.

Billie will coach the group through the structure and phrasing of your chosen song's melody while giving tips and hints on breathing. Next Billie will demonstrate and coach participants through the three-part harmony for the song. No need to feel uncomfortable, participants keep themselves on mute during the coaching and record their final performance on their phone, Dictaphone or WhatsApp.

Billie will invite all participants to open their mics for a time of informal comments, feedback, questions, and to develop a sense of connectivity. Billie will then re-mute all mics, ready for the final sing-through!

After the performance, with mics unmuted, participants share in a round of applause. However, the real celebration will follow after the event when attendees are sent a final version fo the soundtrack with all their voices carefully mixed by a professional producer. We can also produce the footage and soundtrack of the session into a memorable video.