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Drone Control

Pilot a drone through choreographed obstacles.

About this product

Using innovation, choreography, and technology, drone control is a fun and creative way to develop teams.

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In Drone Control, teams must carefully manoeuvre their drones through 8 artificial obstructions from launch to the landing pad. Based on eight illustrated obstacle cards, teams develop and enact their choreographed moves. Each person flies the drone before taking part in the timed race. Teams practice their movements until they get it right before taking part in the final timed race. The team who uses every member and coordinates their actions wins. This game improves imagination and creativity, team spirit, and cooperation. It can be played both indoors and outdoors.

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Working with technology to enhance the team’s skills and cooperation is a fun and inventive method. Teams must keep searching for physical efficiencies to minimize their final time. Using drone control to create and redesign obstacles requires imaginative thinking and often provides exciting outcomes. The difficulty requires individuals to continuously adapt to changing tasks, which makes it a perfect example of flexible teamwork. Drone Control is both an enjoyable and challenging strategic planning task that requires participants' total involvement without making them feel vulnerable. Time pressure to maintain a competitive but safe environment encourages teamwork and reinforces cooperative values. Collaborative tasks such as drone control help new teams to develop trust and communication skills. Teams must communicate, be open to suggestions, and respect each other's ideas and opinions. Trust is the foundation of any group, and drone control requires a high level of trust between teammates.