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City Build

Teams construct a giant model city!

About this product

City Build is a fun and creative team-building activity where teams use innovation and collaboration to create large model cities.

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In City Build, teams design sections of a model city. The city has zones such as industrial, residential, leisure, and business districts and interconnected infrastructure facilities such as roads, railroads, and waterways. The team will work in its section but will work with other teams to ensure that the design is consistent across zones and that the transport network is consistent with the Try to achieve a holistic approach that ensures consistency. as a whole. We use a wide range of materials to build imaginative and creative cities that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. When time runs out, district teams come together to celebrate achievements as they work toward a common goal.


The team develops a shared vision and strategy and uses their creativity and strong project management skills to execute. Planning and strategy through effective team communication and collaboration are essential to ensure that urban zones are connected and fluid. Creativity within a structured design framework makes cities functional, practical and beautiful. Managing resources and time is also critical to completing projects on time. City Build is a fun and memorable collaboration experience that relies on every individual's commitment, great team dynamics, and collaboration across the group to ensure success.