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Chain Reaction Table Top

Set up a series of cascading tabletop actions.

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Collaboration between the teams to share knowledge and resources is crucial to success and expanding the limits of creativity.

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Teams participating in Chain Reaction Table Top are given a game board and idea cards which they discuss with their parties. They discuss these ideas with other teams to develop a strategy for their overall contraption. Each team builds and tests several simple machines. They link their chains of simple machines to the ones made by the following team and then try them. Once the gadget is complete and tested, the device triggers and cascades through the simple machines in a grand finale. When a Rube Goldberg contraption performs a simple task in a complicated and indirect way, the final action is simple yet striking.

Chain Reaction Table Top


The collaboration between the teams must be conducted in a way that maintains the level of creativity. To create a shared vision and strategy, excellent project and resource management skills are needed. Teams work together to develop a common vision, formulating a shared strategy they implement. Successful teams examine their initial plans before construction and adapt them accordingly. During testing, teams learn to persist despite obstacles and focus on detail as they strive for excellence. Chain Reaction achieves absolute group unity and a memorable shared experience when they earn their reward!

Choosing a group activity that allows your group members to collaborate, solve problems, and discover something new together will help you achieve your group’s goal, solidify the group’s bond, and create a meaningful experience that your members will talk about for years!