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Centre of The World

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About this product

An interactive quiz that requires teams to collaborate but still be competitive.

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Centre of the World is more than a quiz; it’s actually a strategy game in which teams need to trade information with each other to progress and build a score. In each of the 6 rounds, the players answer questions about trivia around the world (questions can also be made bespoke). The questions are presented through a tablet with a map of the world and a QR scanner that corresponds to QR codes that are embedded within a stylized globe table center. At the end of each round, participants will negotiate with other teams to fill the gaps in the information they have gained in that round. Establishing win-win relationships and building trust is imperative in what is still a competitive activity with the highest score at the end of the game.

centre of the world interactive teambuilding


Centre of the World is a fun quiz with a difference; by using the table center as an active part of the event, the space in the middle of the table is both attractive and interactive. The questions are only part of the event, though; a major feature is the need for tables to engage and negotiate with each other. This enables networking across the room and encourages the building of trust and relationships while retaining a strategic edge.