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Teams creatively and innovatively collaborate to create a themed animated film.

About this product

Animate is a fun and creative team-building activity that brings together technology, art, and business skills.

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Do you know about stop-motion animation? It's the art of moving an item between photographs in small increments to create the impression of movement when the pictures are shown in sequence. This incredible stop motion technology is utilised in this fun and imaginative team building activity. Teams are given a theme and must create an original digital stop motion animation sequence. After creating a 'storyboard' of the outcome, the teams create a digital stop motion animation sequence using the objects of their work. The process is done digitally in the studio, where teams record the movement of things through a series of small sequential steps. After the video is completed, the team plays it back to watch their stop motion story come to life, providing rewarding and humorous outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Everybody has a part to play in Animate. Film directors know that filmmaking's planning, coordination, and communication are crucial aspects. Animate can help bring business objectives, product launches, and key messages to life fun and thought-provoking. Business objectives, product launches, and key messages can all be brought to life with Animate. Participants have the freedom to explore creative thinking, collaborate, and share their innovative ideas in Animate.

Creative team-building