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WIndshift is the exclusive licensed distributor of Catalyst Team Building products in the Netherlands.

Alex Ten Klei


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Windshift is synonymous in Holland with popular outdoor events for corporate staff team days like kiting, beach archery and sand yachting. But did you know they hold the exclusive license to deliver Catalyst Global's team-building products in the Netherlands?

Windshift Catalyst offer a range of customised solutions for live, remote and hybrid situations.  No group is too small or too large. Windshift offers business simulations that explore the fundamentals of strategic and customer relationship management; simply fun activities that unite a team; competitive team bonding experiences; music and rhythm workshops; conference energisers and icebreakers; innovative activities and out-and-about treasure hunts throughout the Netherlands.

Windshift prides itself in close consultation with clients ensuring that the right product is chosen for the specific event and matching the client’s needs.