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Teambuilding Academija holds an exclusive Catalyst license for Slovenia. Their central European position allows them to offer cost-effective team building events.

Dani Polajnar, Luka Jan


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Teambuilding Academy (TBA) is an organisation dedicated to encouraging quality team building programs in Slovenia. TBA works in the field of preparation, moderation, organisation and implementation of team building programs. TBA organise themed team building events, business seminars and conferences in addition to research and consulting on teamwork. In the planning and implementation of all team activities, TBA abides by the client's needs and goals as well as by the structure and characteristics of individual teams. All these elements make every program unique.

In 2011 TBA received the prestigious ‘Constantinus Slovenia’ award from the Chamber of Management Consulting of Slovenia (ZMCS) based on the success of an advisory 'Transformation' project for a well-known global company. Constantinus Slovenia is the award for 'best advisory project' and was awarded for the first time in 2011 as part of the internationally recognised awards 'Constantinus International'. TBA was chosen on the basis of their consultancy and implementation support in the management and guidance of soft factors during the merger of three separate branches each in different countries. For more information about team-building activities, icebreakers, conference energisers and interactive business games in Ljubljana, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Prague, Rome and Zagreb please get in contact.

A professional team of certified team building trainers and a reliable support team enable us to consistently deliver the highest quality team activities.